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Cheryldee Huddleston's latest play

In 1924, THOMAS INCE produced silent films at Inceville, located on the ocean, and boasting a herd of buffalo and an Indian village in which members of the Cupa tribe lived in teepees and acted in Ince’s films. That same year Ince died under decidedly mysterious circumstances. Rumors continue to this day that he was actually murdered by newspaper and movie mogul William Randolph Hearst...

Buffalo Bones
[or Light Up the Night:
A Silent Movie] 
CHARLES RAY, a star in Ince’s westerns, costumed as Pecos Bill, is hung over on a movie set, unable to recall whether the movie has finished shooting or not, whether the beard he wears is his own or fake, who has died or who will die, whether he has loved for years or just met LIGHT IN THE NIGHT SKY (CECILIA), the beautiful Cupa woman dressed as a flamenco dancer for the Valentino movie, why he is intermittently haunted by silent movie images above his head of a murdered Sitting Bull, a buffalo cow grieving over her slaughtered calf, and the funeral of Thomas Ince.
Cast: 2 Female (Native American 20s:
white mid-40s)
5 Male (white: 1 mid-20s, 1 mid-30s, 2 mid-40s:
1 Native American mid-40s)
Cheryldee Huddleston's PEN Award-Winning Play

Stacy Ross, Chad Fisk (Marin Stage)

Cheryldee Huddleston's Children of an Idol Moon
Who Loves You, Jimmie Orrio?
In 1965, in a dying trailer park in Cookeville, Tennessee, MELINDA, mute, maybe a witch? lives in desperate isolation except for her sexually predatory mother, JESSICA.
Melinda pours a sack of sugar over her body as perfume and waits for the cowboy Jimmie Orrio to return to her.
But is it Jimmie Orrio who comes to save her?
Or is it someone else? 
Cast: 2 Male (white mid-20s: African-American-60's)
3 Female (white 13, mid-40s, late 50s)
Children of an Idol Moon
It is December 18, 1848, in the coffin-sized Parsonage where Emily Bronte, author of Wuthering Heights, is dying.
The sound of her death cough echoes through the cemetery and so from childhood to the point of death, the passionate relationship of Emily and her doomed brother, Branwell, mirrors the writing of the story of Catherine and Heathcliff. 
Cast (color blind): 2 Male (20s and 50s)
4 Female (three mid-20s: one mid-50s)

                        University of Georgia

Cheryldee Huddleston's play April 10, 1535

April 10, 1535


In the middle of an English monastery in the sixteenth century, a middle-aged monk (BROTHER ALFRED) with poor vision and even poorer job satisfaction is surprised by a mysterious woman (SING THE GREEN WIND), possibly demonic, possibly immortal, who saved his life twenty five years before in the bogs. Their confrontation provides the comic, dramatic, reverential, metaphysical, sexual, and romantic backdrop for the first written record of the most acclaimed term of profanity in Western civilization.


Yep, that’s the one ...


Cast (color blind): 2 Male (mid-50s, mid-20s)

1 Female: (mid-20s)

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